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Prafull Sawant

Leading Award Winning International Artist
"Dear Masood,

Saw your beautiful watercolour works. I enjoyed your varied subjects including your architectural landscapes. You have a very good observation quality which is the most important need for landscape painting.

You are not stuck in your comfort zone in colour schemes, you are using different colour palettes for different paintings. I think this is your strong point in your works, which would give a great pleasure to viewers.

You have a nice use of Colour flow and washes, and good control, and you know how to use large washes and control them as per the subject requirement.

My best wishes are with you for your future works"
Prafull Sawant

Georgia Bowren

Michigan, Florida, USA

I wanted to add a special photo over a fireplace in our new home and I had a photograph of my happy place, the cabin on Horseshoe Lake.

I found artist options from a social media platform of worldwide Artists, and connected with Masood Nasser, after seeing one of his paintings that really moved me.  I shared my photo my list of things to modify in the picture.

We kept in communication, and once the watercolor arrived, I could not be happier. He was able to capture the essence of the beauty of the water, the setting that is along the shoreline, and the paddle boat with a specific color for the Bimini top. I am very excited to show off my newest painting


Sanjay Menon

Founder & Chairman, The Co
Watercolour is an extremely challenging medium. It’s the only medium that tries to control you, it’s the only medium that once you make a mistake, however much you try, cannot be undone or corrected.

Masood has not only mastered this medium, he has created his own identity. I have always admired Igor Sava’s work, like Igor, Masood has complete control over the medium, creating his own style and breaking conventional stereotypes.

Rahul Andrews

"This is come out so well I am mesmerized jut by looking at it. It seems perfect in each and every wayand you have captured the charm the beauty.

I love your artistic liberty to make it completely viewable and accessible. this going to be a beautiful treasure for my mom. Thank you for making it come alive. I just love it.".

Nasir Kazi

Actor, Films and TV
I've Masood known since we were kid’s. And now looking at his paintings I get the same warm, comfortable feeling. Even you will feel an instant connect with his paintings because they're done with heart. 

He has great aesthetic sensibility that reflects in his paintings. Which makes even the surroundings comfortable, warm & friendly.

Dr Apala Chavan

This evocative work of art by Masood is very special because of the magical blend of his artistic talent with his inspiration from a photograph that is very dear to me. 

The result is art that evokes the memory of a real place but is skillfully influenced by the artist's imagination.


Mithun Rodwittiya

Actor, Entrepreneur
Masood is extremely talented and his passion for anything he puts his heart to is inspiring to see. I have loved watching Masood’s journey via social media of visuals of his paintings he uploads once completed and I am blessed to have an artwork from him as well. I wish Masood the very best and may the strokes of his brush continue to spread joy to all those whose hearts he touches via his creativity and love for the arts...

Anis Uttanwal-

Founder , Character Sketches ®
His talent and creativity have left me in awe. I have had the pleasure of witnessing his growth as an artist over decades, & it's inspiring to see how he continuously pushes the boundaries of his craft.

Masood has the remarkable ability to evoke emotions and spark imagination through his art, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who beholds his work. His passion and dedication to his art is truly commendable, & I can confidently say that Masood is destined for greatness in the art world.

Nasheed Kulay

Director - User Experience at Baker Hughes Design- A GE Company
I am absolutely in love with this beautiful masterpiece that artfully captures the timeless charm of an Grecian home adorned with delightful plants and flowers.

The colors, the forms, the play of light and shadow make this piece of art truly remarkable and add a touch of elegance to my home office.