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17th March 2024

Invitation to Watercolor Exhbition by Masood nasser

Step into the mesmerizing world of watercolor art with Masood Nasser's latest exhibition, "Soulful Impressions." As an internationally acclaimed artist, Masood Nasser captures the essence of landscapes, waterscapes, and architectural marvels with breathtaking precision and soul-stirring depth.

From the bustling streets of Bandra to the romantic allure of Venice, Masood's brush unveils the beauty of diverse landscapes, inviting viewers on a visual journey across continents. Each stroke carries the artist's love for nature, evident in his meticulous portrayal of vibrant bougainvillea blooms and lush greenery.



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I am based in the US, can I buy your paintings?

Yes, we also ship to the US, UK, UAE, Singapore, and other countries

Will the watercolors fade over time?

The paper that I use is museum archival quality paper which lasts more than 50 years, but your paintings should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

What are the paints that I use in my watercolors

I use high-quality watercolor paints, Daniel Smith, Mission Gold, Aquatone. and brushes on acid-free paper ( Arches, Lana, Baohong, and Chitrapat)

Are you available for commissioned art?

Yes. It usually takes around 2 to 3 weeks and Prices start at 15,000 Indian rupees / 200 USD for a Watercolor