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25th July 2023

How your painting can improve with Gestalt Principles

Connectedness is one of the Gestalt principles of perceptual organization. The human mind perceives elements as a group rather than individual units. If you apply this principle to your paintings, the quality will improve dramatically.

In a watercolour painting, you can apply the principle by using flow in colours and merging shape with other objects. It can help you create a sense of fluidity, spontaneity, and harmony in your painting. Connectedness can also help you create a sense of unity and cohesiveness in your painting..


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I am based in the US, can I buy your paintings?

Yes, we also ship to the US, UK, UAE, Singapore, and other countries

Will the watercolors fade over time?

The paper that I use is museum archival quality paper which lasts more than 50 years, but your paintings should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

What are the paints that I use in my watercolors

I use high-quality watercolor paints, Daniel Smith, Mission Gold, Aquatone. and brushes on acid-free paper ( Arches, Lana, Baohong, and Chitrapat)

Are you available for commissioned art?

Yes. It usually takes around 2 to 3 weeks and Prices start at 15,000 Indian rupees / 200 USD for a Watercolor